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#11221 #1-Scale Remote Coupler (Actuated Body Mount Coupler with Gearbox)
Patent Numbers 7,810,660 & 8,950,606

Designed for use with Locomotives, Freight & Passenger cars.
#1-Scale #11221 Remote Coupler will mount anywhere the #830 gearbox body mounts. The #11221 mounts at #1-Scale coupler height on the #830 platform provided by many manufactures. Couplers can be custom body mounted to most other locomotives or rolling stock.
The #11221 is a "Ready to Mount" assembled #1-Scale Remote Coupler “All In One Remote Coupler” (coupler and gearbox with built in ultra nano servo).

Kadee® RC Remote Couplers can be operated several ways including with your existing DCC Locomotive Controller.

Best: We recommend using the Kadee® RC Remote System (#11215 Kadee® RC Hand-Held Transmitter & #11110 Receiver Kit).

Good: Using the Kadee® RC #11130 Servo Controller (factory programed) to operate Kadee® RC Remote Couplers along with a DCC (Digital Command Control), AirWire, or other locomotive control decoders with auxiliary/function output.

OK: Using DCC Locomotive Controllers (decoder) (whether being DCC, AirWire, or some other means) that have built in a Servo Controller that meets Kadee® RC Remote Couplers operational requirements*.

There are Digital Command Control (DCC) decoders on the market with built in Servo Controller* & (DCC) Servo Decoders* can be used to operate Kadee® RC Remote Couplers. Radio Control Servo Controllers* also can operate Kadee® RC Remote Couplers as well. There will be limited technical support we can provide for Non Kadee products, you will need to contact the DCC decoder manufacturer.
*The Servo Controller must operate at an adjustable 90 degree servo rotation.

Note: Do to risk of coupler over rotation, any other means of operating the Kadee® RC Remote Couplers other than a Kadee® RC Remote System will void the remote coupler warranty.

If #11215 Kadee® RC Hand-Held Transmitter (sold separately) is being used to operate Remote Coupler, the #11110 Receiver Kit (sold separately) is needed to allow the Hand-Held Transmitter to communicate with servo.


1 - Remote Coupler - Actuated Body Mount Coupler with Gearbox (#1-Scale) - Assembled


Coupler Conversion Info

You must first identify the locomotive or rolling stocks manufacturer and type before looking the product up on the Kadee-RC Coupler Conversion List. Use the Kadee-RC Coupler Conversion List to lookup our suggested Kadee-RC coupler for the particular model. (Our conversions typically requiring the least modification to a model).


Always check the #1-Scale coupler heights with our #1929 Coupler Height Gauge.


#11221 #1-Scale Remote Coupler
(Actuated Body Mount Coupler with Gearbox) - Assembled
1 Kit $49.99

Dealers: Kadee® RC products are at second tier pricing.
- Body Mount Self Contained Coupler Kit Installation Instructions
-Tips on using the Kadee Servo Control Module with other Receivers

* Limited uncoupling on curves.

¹ With the use of a servo Y splitter cable two remote couplers can be operated simultaneously from the servo controller.
Some cars may require additional modification.
Use our #829 or 1929 #1-Scale Height Gauge to check for the correct coupler height and trip pin clearance.


Servo Arm in Coupler Closed Position

Servo Arm in Coupler Open Position

Note: The use of any other means of operating the Kadee® RC Remote Couplers other than a Kadee® RC Servo System (Example: #11110 Receiver Kit or #11130 Servo Controller) will void the warranty.

If you use other means (that must be adjustable) of operating & controlling the 90 degree servo rotation required by Kadee® RC Remote Couplers. Here is some basic setup info.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Make sure that you check the servo rotation by performing the following steps:
1) Locate the link arm that is attached to the servo mounted in the gearbox and point it strait down.
2) Being careful not to rotate the servo, remove the link arm .
3) Put a mark on the end of the servo shaft that matched the orientation of the link arm. This mark should be "strait down".
4) Connect the Kadee Actuated Gearbox to controller.
5) Actuate the servo back and forth making sure that the mark on the servo shaft corresponds to the Open & Closed positions shown in the file attached to this email. Make adjustments to the controller if needed.
6) Re-attach the link arm matching its orientation with the mark on the servo shaft.
The Kadee Actuated Gearbox should now work with no problems.


Remote Uncoupling
Stop car(s) on desired track, allowing slack to occur between the couplers. Press the on the transmitter and open the remote coupler**.
The remote coupler draws itself apart, uncoupling them.
Withdraw to disengage couplers, leaving uncoupled car(s) on desired track. Press the on the transmitter and closing the remote coupler**.
* Limited uncoupling on curves.
** The receiver that controls coupler must be addressed, before it can receive commands from transmitter.