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Kadee® RC Brings the Best of Old & New Technology Together.
Kadee® Magne-Matic® Couplers & Kadee® RC Remote System.

The Exciting New Series of #1 & G-Scale Kadee® RC Couplers can be operated with your existing Kadee® magnetic uncouplers and also uncouple remotely anywhere with the Kadee® Radio Control System.

Clarifications about the The Kadee® RC Remote System & Kadee® RC Remote Couplers:
The Kadee® RC Remote System is a proprietary radio control system and is NOT DCC.
The Kadee® RC Remote Couplers are operated by standard hobby servos.
The Kadee® RC Remote System will operate standard hobby servos used with the Kadee® RC Remote Couplers.

The Kadee® RC Servo Controller adds servo control to DCC, or other locomotive control decoders with auxiliary/function output allowing DCC operation of Kadee® Remote Couplers.

Note: Do to risk of coupler over rotation, any other means of operating the Kadee® RC Remote Couplers other than a Kadee® RC Remote System or Kadee® RC #11130 Servo Controller will void the coupler warranty.

The Kadee® Remote Uncoupling Systems is available in G-Scale & #1-Scale.

HO-Scale Remote Couplers

Kadee® has entered into an agreement with Subarashi Models the manufacturer of the "Smart Coupler®" utilizing Kadee® Couplers and under License of Kadee® Quality Products.

HO-Scale remote uncoupling is available from Subarashi Models. For more information, demonstration and ordering. Please go to

Garden Trains: Kadee RC - Remote Control Couplers for Large Scale Trains

This is an information overview of the Kadee #11100 Basic Starter Set. See what is included and how you set up the parts to control a Kadee coupler.

Garden Trains: Kadee Remote Uncoupling - Installing the 11100 Starter Kit

How to install a #11100 Basic Starter Kit or #11115 Body Mount Coupler Kit & #11110 Receiver Kit on a USA Trains Boxcar.

Garden Trains: Quick Instructions for Installing Kadee Remote Couplers - Kit #11100

Learn how easy it is to install Kadee Remote Couplers provided with #11100 Basic Starter Kit or #11115 Body Mount Coupler Kit on a USA Trains Boxcar.

Garden Trains: Kadee #11220 Coupler Install
- Kadee Remote Uncoupling

How to install a #11220 Remote Coupler. Follow the simple step-by-step "official" instructions from Kadee. See the inside of coupler!
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